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A platform to make a complete cashless transaction.

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Free counseling to the students up to the complete schooling.

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The amount you pay for your children education every months.

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First, identify the current cost of education for your child. Then consider 10 percent inflation while calculating your goal for his college fees. There are some useful education calculators available online https://www.iciciprulife.com. This calculator also tells you your readiness score to meet child education cost and how much you need to save monthly to achieve this goal.

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Er. M Ashiwal — Founder & CEO.

We are here to  provides a platform there is cashless transactions to the school and college where you studied and  also our experts provides free counseling where you needed.

A platform there is no interaction of parents to the school and college regarding to fee. Our company handles all the transaction mode of school and college fee. We are here with this platform , just you paying a small amount your income per month as our flexible plans.

Stress free life, When you are part of our company and insured life of your children. Counsel them time to time, so they can build a bright future of own and your family.

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Every day, there are news stories about the college tuition crisis. But what is the crisis we are seeking to solve? Is it the staggering amount of student debt? The rapidly rising cost of higher education? The interest being collected on student loans? The high default rate on student loans? Or all of the above?
Rajdeep Singh
MS, IIT Madras
The couple began investing Rs 5000 a month in equity at the time of their son’s birth. They managed to earn approximately Rs 2.2 lakh through SIP route in three years, thanks to the bull markets. This amount looks sufficient today but may not work for their second child’s nursery admission, considering the high inflation. The cost of education is rising to the extent of becoming unaffordable for the average Indian.
Ekta Malhotra
Masters From RU
State funding and subsidies were cut by more than $7 billion between 2008 and 2018. What many call the “privatization of public higher education” has shifted most of the states’ share of instructional costs to students and their families, with disruptive results for both students and institutions.
Chetan Netam
M Tech, IIT Kharagpur
The roots of rising college and university costs are not difficult to identify. For the nation’s 1,600-plus public institutions, the chief culprit has been major reductions in state support; public investment in higher education has been in retreat in the states since about 1980, according to the American Council on Education.
Vishant Saini
B Tech, NIT Jalandhar